Dr. Flora Arzanipour

It has been my great pleasure to receive therapeutic acupuncture from Dr. Flora Azanipour. She is very professionaland thorough when treating her patients. I first saw Dr. Flora for angina and heart issues. She does a thoroughassessment, asks about what treatment you are receiving from your MD and plans her treatment according to whatgives you the best relief. Acupuncture as administered by Dr. Flora is a very effective treatment and helped with stressmanagement and pain relief. Please consider this the highest recommendation for Dr. Flora.
Sincerely, B. Delker

Dear Dr. Flora,

I want to thank you so much for the care you have given me. You are wonderful a woman, you listen, and you care.


Carol M.


You are an amazing human being whose life is an example and inspiration to everyone around you. Wonderful people like you are what make this world such a bright and beautiful place.

I want to thank you for your part in helping create this Miracle baby girl. You will always hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to tell her some day about you. I promise to send you pictures of her as soon as she is born!

Please take care and I wish you and your family all the best!



My name is Maury. I have been a patient of  Flora Arzanipour, L.Ac., at the Deaconess Center for Healing Arts since December of 2018. A friend of mine told me about Flora, as he is her patient, as well. He had cancer and felt that her acupuncture greatly helped him. I myself was diagnosed in June, 2018 with a difficult cancer. I had a colon resection, was placed on a restrictive diet and scheduled for chemotherapy. After recovery from surgery and finishing my chemotherapy, I was eager to find some methods that could help me feel better. I decided to take my friend’s advice and try acupuncture. I was somewhat anxious about doing so, as I had never tried it. I was also overwhelmed about the physical and emotional changes in my life. I hoped that acupuncture would be an answer.

I met Flora on December 18, 2018 for my first session, shortly after completing my chemotherapy. Flora explained what she would do and asked me many questions about my health. She came across as very kind, intelligent and competent the first time I met her. She is the picture of health and she is so calm. The acupuncture process was not painful nor did it feel invasive. It took me a few sessions to feel completely relaxed, but as I continued with Flora, I found myself so ready for more sessions.

Flora is very knowledgeable. She gave me advice on my diet and other issues, such as chemicals that I should not put into my body and how to remain calm and upbeat long-term. She recommended lotions with only natural ingredients, the best foods for my diet (much less restrictive now!), foods to avoid, how to cook them, etc. She always asks about any health changes before starting a session.

The more sessions I had, the more I enjoyed and looked forward to them. Flora is so very kind, attentive and very calming. I wanted to continue sessions past my early ones (for two reasons–as I know my cancer could return and as I feel so good after every session). I have now been with Flora for 3 ½ years and look forward to every appointment. I feel that Flora’s acupuncture is the best thing I do for my health. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone, whether they have health issues or not. I know that anyone being treated by Flora is in good hands. I am very thankful that I found her!

I started seeing Dr. Flora Arzanipour for acupuncture shortly after I received a diagnosis of metastatic colon cancer. I have had regular chemotherapy for over a year, including a platinum based chemotherapy medication called oxaliplatin which is known to cause neuropathy.  Acupuncture services have helped minimize the neuropathy side effects that I was experiencing and am no longer experiencing.  Furthermore, I have had minimal chemotherapy side effects as I have lost very little weight, maintain a good appetite and have enough energy to take care of my children and continue to pursue my career goals. I am very grateful to have found Flora and she has been a wonderful source of support and healing throughout this difficult journey.


Stacy B.

Dear Flora,

Words cannot express the appreciation I have for you! I am so very grateful to have met you and for your healing! You have been a light at the end of my cancer journey, and I will be forever thankful for all you have done for me! You are a truly amazing lady with an awesome gift!

Thank you again, S. H.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years. We both went under numerous procedures to ensure that we were both capable of
having children. All tests came back that we were both fine, however, we still were not conceiving. Last July, I thought I would give acupuncture a try. As
you would have it, I did conceive after having treatment for about 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I miscarried. I continued on with acupuncture with Flora and
never gave up hope. She was very optimistic and supportive during this difficult time and assured me we will reach our final goal. In the meantime, my
regular doctor wanted me to go see a fertility specialist, which we did in October. My husband and I stated to him that we did not want to start treatment until the new year; he agreed. In late October, my husband and I went on vacation. As you would have it, we found out we are expecting our first child right before Thanksgiving. Everything thus far has been great with the pregnancy and we can’t wait to meet our bundle of joy in late July. I have a great appreciation for Flora in assisting me achieve our goal of starting a family. She is truly a blessing!!! Thanks!!!!

Candice L.

Seven months ago, I sat in Flora’s office for the first time. Clutching my copy of The Infertility Cure in icy cold hands, I told her I’d read that acupuncture could have a powerful effect on fertility. I was terrified of needles but desperate. In the back of my mind, a not-so-small voice told me for the thousandth time that God was punishing me, science had failed me, and this wouldn’t make any difference either. After a lifetime of poor health and years of trying to conceive, I believed it almost completely. Now, in my second trimester of pregnancy, I have to laugh at my lack of faith. Driven by a renewed desire to have a baby, and soothed by Flora’s warm and caring nature, I quickly overcame my fear of needles. Within a couple of months, I realized that not only was my body healthier, but for the first time I really believed that I would have a baby. I’d read so many stories about Jesus telling people that they had been healed because of their faith, but I never made the connection until Flora taught me to actually see myself with that baby. I wasn’t being punished. I was on a long journey to better health and renewed faith. I’m so grateful that someone so skilled, knowledgeable and caring as Flora is part of the journey.

Jessie A.

I think that after this week I will have completed eight (8) treatments with you. I have to say you and your work are absolutely amazing. I hope you don’t mind me speaking freely. Since the onset of this so-called disease (CD) cervical dystonia has turned my life completely upside down. It took approximately one (1) year to diagnose. Then my doctor injected me with Botox and gave me every damn pill available that he felt would rectify the situation, I had to quit working, I stressed my parents out because I could not work… I had to rely on them to survive, a grown man. This added more stress. I was in pure hell.
Whatever you have been doing is working. I have never had this much relief and wanted to say thanks. I’m excited because now I can begin to have my life back. I can work harder, and hopefully get back into jogging soon. I can’t explain what it is like to have constant chronic pain that doesn’t stop for over two years. It makes a person crazy, psychotic to say the least. When you become a prisoner of your own body you honestly just want to die. I would not wish this experience on anyone, not even my worst enemy. This is the best I have ever felt and I can tell my neck is healing. Every day I am gaining
more improvement. The pain is subsiding. I could go on and on and on and on….
Now I can focus on something I haven’t been able to do, that’s my music. It was devastating to sit at the piano bench and have my head locked to the right.. I felt like a circus freak. Thanks Flora you rock! Thank you so much! You are an angel. Thank you so much.

Michael U.

My husband and I have tried to have a baby for 10 years now. In 2002-2004, we underwent several infertility tests and procedures, including three IVF attempts. Nothing was successful, but we never gave up hope and in fact, our relationship grew stronger. We did get pregnant early in 2010 on our own, but miscarried at eight weeks. We were devastated. Then in the fall of 2010, Community Acupuncture opened near my work and I felt compelled to try it for pregnancy reasons. I received acupuncture for other reasons in the past, ie. sinuses, and it worked so I thought, “Why not?” When I met Flora, she just
made me feel so hopeful with her nurturing and caring disposition. She is very positive, gentle, and attentive, and asked that I give her some time to help us in our long journey. I was so excited that our dreams may finally be fulfilled. Within four weeks of starting treatments twice a week, our miracle happened! We were pregnant! We are overwhelmed with joy and are currently in our fourth month of pregnancy. I continue my acupuncture treatments with Flora and the pregnancy so far is going as planned. We are forever grateful to Flora who I consider to be our guardian angel. She has helped us realize our dream of having a family that no other treatment or doctor was able to do. Thank you, Flora, you are truly amazing!

Stacy J.

June, 2018, at the age of seventy-one, I was diagnosed with stage 3, endometrial cancer. I was referred to a gynecologic oncologist. Treatment began with surgery, followed by twenty-one weeks of chemotherapy, and twelve weeks of radiation. At this time, I am totally in remission.

However, towards the end of the chemotherapy treatment, I began to feel numbness in my legs, feet, and fingers, as well as severe cramping in my legs. Treatment of Lyrica®, 100 mg/day was prescribed. It helped somewhat (although I still experienced major leg cramping),  and during the last three years the dosage was reduced to 50 mg/day and magnesium, potassium, and B12 were been added to the regimen.

Last winter my physician’s assistant in the oncologist’s office mentioned acupuncture as a possible treatment for the numbness and cramping. She told me that several of her patients had taken this treatment and had experienced relief. Therefore, I contacted Deaconess Center for the Healing Arts, The Women’s Hospital, and booked an appointment.

As an aside, I had been recently diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in one eye (which has not yet begun to affect my vision) and had twisted a knee. She has been treating me for both of those conditions, as well. The knee has improved and I am looking forward to seeing the retinist for an evaluation next month.

The first hour of treatment was an evaluation of my medical health, a discussion of the results I might expect from a course of acupuncture, and a description of the procedure. She also prescribed a healing oil that I massage into my legs and feet. I use it at home in the evening.

The second hour of the same visit was the first treatment. I have received eight treatments, at this time. I have experienced relief from the numbness in my fingers and the leg cramping has almost totally vanished. I do still have a little numbness in my feet, but I am confident that might still disappear. I am keeping a positive attitude that will happen.

Dr. Flora, has been very clear about what she is doing during treatment and the reasons for it. She is gentle and thorough, and gives a wonderful massage on my fingers, legs and feet at the end of each treatment. I don’t think that I could have had a better experience and I am looking toward a healthy future.

I will continue with my “tune-ups” in order to maintain the results from the treatment.


P. M

After taking birth control for several years my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family. I went off birth control and immediately started having irregular menstrual cycles. My cycles ranged from 38-55 days. This was unusual and frustrating for me since prior to birth control I had always had regular periods. Conceiving was frustrating. I used ovulation strips and took my basal body temperature every month. Finally, after nine months I conceived on a low dosage of Clomid but unfortunately lost the baby after eight weeks. We then decided to see a fertility specialist in Chicago to determine why we were having trouble conceiving. The fertility specialist couldn’t find anything wrong with my husband and I. We then continued on with 2 cycles of clomid, 3 cycles of Femara, in addition to 1 failed IUI. Exhausted from all the trips to the city and the roller coaster of emotions we decided to take a break. I still really believed if I could I get a “regular” period I would be able to conceive and carry a baby. I had heard success stories from friends
and on the internet about acupuncture and its benefits for infertility. When I first met Flora I discussed with her my frustrations. She expressed she was confident I would be able to start getting my menstrual cycle regularly and eventually be able to conceive. I started with treatments twice a week including a cleanse diet and herbal supplements. Her kind, positive words and attitude had an effect on me. I started to notice a change in my health and attitude. After a month of seeing Flora I was so excited because I was going to have a “regular” length menstrual cycle. Much to my surprise 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant! I was overjoyed that my body conceived naturally. I continued to see Flora twice a week during my first trimester. She helped relieve nausea, headaches and other pregnancy symptoms. In addition to relieving symptoms Flora gave me positive encouragement and advice each visit.

Mallory N.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to try for a third child. With our first two, we didn’t have any trouble conceiving. Though we knew age wise it would take a bit longer to conceive, we didn’t realize how long it would take. Naturally, month after month it became disappointing when we were not able to conceive. My husband’s attitude was always ”if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t” Though I tried to adopt his attitude towards the process, I was not able to fully accept his attitude. I knew that our family was not complete.

We went through the routine testing for fertility and everything came back normal. We were told the only reasoning of us having trouble conceiving the third time around was because of age. We were diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility. We tried clomid to strengthen egg quality and ovulation.

However, it did not work. The final option given was to do IVF. Deep down inside I always had a nagging feeling that this was not the route for me to take.

My husband was not willing to do IVF since it would be a tremendous strain on my body and to me on a whole. We both had agreed that this was not the best route for us. We decided we would continue to try and see if it happened. If it didn’t happen, we would be happy with the two we had.

And believe me I always have felt blessed with the two we have and always grateful to God. However, I always continued to have this feeling not to give up and that God was trying to tell me that there is another route for you to take. I always felt that God was telling me it was not time to give up.

Last year in July of 2012, God led me to Flora. I always had heard about acupuncture and the benefits of it. I did my research and decided let me try this route. When I met Flora, I knew that I made the right decision. She gave me so much hope that I could get pregnant again and that age was not a factor.

Flora is truly an expert in her profession, and she has such pride in her work. Despite all this, Flora is nurturing and caring, gentle in her approach and truly invested in one’s well-being. Her positive attitude always gave me hope that our dream of having another will truly happen. I am happy to announce that after 5 months of treatment we are expecting our third child in Sept 2013.

Through my treatments with Flora, I truly feel acupuncture on a whole is so beneficial to maintain or improve one’s health mentally and physically. Thank you Flora you are the best and I will definitely be back after the baby is born to help with lactation as well as to improve my overall health. Lots of love always.

Humaira M.

I had been really sick with mono for almost two weeks and was having a ton of different symptoms, and it wasn’t getting any better. I couldn’t sleep for more than 5 hours at a time, I would wake up with bloodshot eyes, I had strep throat and my voice was scratchy, just to name a few symptoms. I went to see Flora and she gave me cupping and Tuina treatments. After the first day of treatment, my voice was already better, and I got a decent night’s sleep. After the treatments I was feeling so much better, my sleeping was normal again and I didn’t feel exhausted all the time. Her treatments are really effective.

K. F.

I have been seeing Flora for two different reasons. First, I started with cupping for sinus problems and back pain. I am amazed at how one cupping
treatment clears out my sinuses and prevents me from getting any infections. Flora always works diligently to assure that I am comfortable and pain-free
when I leave her office. The cupping releases any tension in my back and draws infection out of my body. I also recently started to see her for cosmetic acupuncture, and after each treatment, any fine lines or wrinkles on my face disappear. Flora gently needles my face, and then massages my face with a unique line of herbal facial creams. My skin is radiant after each treatment! Flora is an excellent acupuncturist who puts her patients at the center of herpractice. I recommend her to anyone looking for a natural, holistic, and patient-centered approach to health!

Angela M.

When I came to see Flora for acupuncture, I was suffering from severe numbness, tingling, and pain in both of my hands that made it extremely difficult for
me to do my normal day-to-day activities. Flora’s gentle and effective treatments have helped me tremendously. When I go to her office, she treats me with all the poise of a professional, and also with the warmth of a friend. Not only does she treat me with acupuncture, but she takes the time to tell me about home remedies that I can do in between my treatments if I experience any pain. She also works with me to establish a diet that will help my body heal from numbness and pain. Flora is a wonderful acupuncturist, and I am so grateful for all the help she continues to give me!

Virginia M.

I had been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome (RLS) over 20 years ago. The symptoms had recently been worsening, and after trying some prescription medicine with no avail, I turned to Flora for acupuncture. The office is peaceful and welcoming; Flora put me at ease instantly. After one treatment, my symptoms subsided. I continued treatments and am now receiving acupuncture on a monthly basis to sustain the results. All symptoms have disappeared; I am grateful and amazed by these results. I have recommended the services at her practice to others, and my husband has also sought treatment here for allergies. We will continue to partner with Dr. Flora for our family’s wellness needs.

Gina F.

Flora helped me so much. I could barely walk when I first started getting treatment from her. I am feeling much better now. I am walking about a mile each day, slowly losing weight, and drinking my cherry juice! Thank you, Flora.

Betty K.

I have gone to Dr. Flora a couple of times for the Chinese Cupping. I wasn’t sure if this would work for the back problems & headaches that I get often but figured I’d give it a try. It works very well and the Dr. is so polite along with the receptionist. I plan on getting the acupuncture done along with some of her other services. Anyone with back/neck pains & headaches should definitely give her a try, it’s well worth it.

Shelly J.

In addition to Flora’s kind and compassionate nature, she is very good at what she does. I came to her with bad hot flashes and mood swings and I was not able to sleep through the night. Between the acupuncture and herbal supplements, my hot flashes are virtually gone, my mood is better and I sleep through the night most nights now. When I complained to my gynecologist about these symptoms, his “cure” was to put me on anti-depressants! Of
course, I did not take his advice. If it wasn’t for Flora, I would still be suffering!

Denise W.

Acupuncture has helped me with neuropathy that I’ve had for 20-25 years. The doctors told me there is no cure but Flora showed me that there is. Acupuncture did the trick for my hips, back, legs and other parts of my body. I also had cancer three times and two operations and the acupuncture has helped that too. Thank God for Flora and her practice.

Ray S.

I do want to let you know that prior to my coming I had been seeing a bone specialist who had given me a cortisone shot followed by a series of 3 Uflexa jell shots without results. One visit to you and I am still pain-free after 4 months! Just wish I was closer so I could get a follow-up treatment. Thank you for relieving my pain!

Dottie K. from Phoenix, Arizona