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Patients  Testimonials

 I went to Dr. Kim for help with a frozen shoulder and am BEYOND GRATEFUL for the healing that he has helped to facilitate! He has exceeded my expectations and I am so impressed with how he seemed to know exactly what to do each step of the way. I have done 15 sessions and am about back to 100% range-of-motion in my shoulder! It took about 8-9 sessions before I started noticing a physical difference in mobility, pain, and range-of-motion, but once things started shifting & moving it all happened pretty quickly and it was so cool to see the progression take place after each session. Sending so much love & gratitude.

-Katie P.

My family and I are forever grateful to Dr. Kim for returning my Dad back to life.​My Dad is 81 years old. He had a very bad sharp pain in a lower back and in his upper legs. ​ He was struggling to walk across the room. ​ The family doctor sent him to MRI and bone scan. ​ After seeing the results he told us that my Dad is old and there is nothing that can be done. He advised my Dad to take Tylenol and try to walk in spite of the sharp pain.​ I saw my Dad trying to follow his advice, but the pain was so strong that he could not do it. ​ For almost two years he was stuck in the house with the pain and no quality of life.​One day, by the Grace of God, I happened to see good reviews about Evergreen clinic and Dr. Kim and I took my Dad there. When a nurse called us to the patient room, my Dad barely got up. The front desk person noticed the pain on my Dad’s face and offered to help. After just a few visits, my Dad felt a relief and became more cheerful and full of energy. And after the 9th session I witnessed a miracle. We returned from Dr. Kim’s office and that day my Dad went for a walk outside and he walked 8,200 steps. I could not believe it and had tears of happiness in my eyes. Since that day, he is walking and exercising every day and appreciates every minute of his life.​We are extremely grateful that God directed us to such an amazing person, Dr. Kim.​ His office is very clean, and the staff is very friendly. ​ Words cannot describe how grateful we are that we met Dr. Kim. ​ He has had such an impact on all our lives including mine. It brings me great joy to see my father, someone who could not walk across a room, to be walking thousands and thousands of steps feeling little to no pain. My father has shown more energy and joy in the last few weeks than he has in a substantially long time. And for that, we cannot express how much we appreciate Dr. Kim and his expertise.


I had been suffering from an extreme skin flare up on my face and neck, red, hot and itchy. I had been prescribed oral steroids and given steroid creams by my doctor three times since November. Every time the steroids finished it would come back. Initially I was referred to a dermatologist who took one look, said it was an allergic reaction, prescribed me even stronger steroid creams and referred me for an allergy test. I was not at all convinced about this diagnosis and immediately started searching for local Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinics and thank goodness I did. The next morning I had an appointment with Dr Kim, he performed acupuncture, prescribed me herbal cream and pills. Within 24 hours almost all of the redness had gone, it was incredible, and now within four sessions it has gone completely. Dr Kim and his staff are all extremely kind and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Evergreen Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic of Charlotte to anyone.


Dr Kim diagnosed what was wrong with me in 5 minutes after I had seen three other doctors who could not figure it out. I had a terrible rash for months that was so itchy and painful. Had been put on steroids 3 times and never got better. I can't ever thank him enough!!! The staff is incredible too!! Thanks again!

-C. H.



After suffering for months from adhesive capsulitis (AKA: Frozen Shoulder), I read an article on Huffington Post, "The Remedy for Frozen Shoulder That No One Talks About", recommending acupuncture.  I'll admit I was skeptical.  I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, exercises, and topical pain relief ointments for months with little progress.  The pain in my shoulder kept me awake at night, and bothered me during the day.  I was desperate for some relief.  So, I checked Yelp and selected the acupuncture clinic with the best reviews in my area.  Thankfully, I found Dr. Kim.  He is a godsend!  In three visits the pain is gone and now we're working to regain my arms mobility.  This skeptic is sold! 
The office and staff are very nice as well as professional.  Dr. Kim takes time to explain the treatments and to listen to your questions.  The location is conveniently located in a quiet complex near I-485, Johnston Rd., and HWY 51.  Their schedule, 6:30am to 5:30pm M-F, is perfect for popping in before work. 
I'd recommend you try it!  You'll be surprised by the results!

-Ida M.


Dr. Kevin Y. Kim is a highly skilled, 3rd generation acupuncturist and a rare, special gift. In my opinion and from my experience, Dr. Kim is the best acupuncturist in the United States. He's worth the drive or even the flight to see him.

-Hollywood Producer


My husband and I have both had acupuncture before and Dr. Kim of Evergreen Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic is hands down the best we have worked with. He has helped my husband with a bad swollen bursitis on his right elbow as well as both of our lower backs and my right rotator cuff which I had major surgery on some years back. Dr. Kim has the most humble and pleasant demeanor and truly knows what he is doing (I asked how long he has been practicing and he told me he began learning from his grandfather when he was five years old in South Korea). Look up his credentials, you'll be impressed - even more so when you go for treatments. They do offer package specials which are discounted if you pay with cash instead of a credit card 

-Sally B.

 After a surgery on a finger and having my hand in a cast for four weeks, I lost mobility of my entire hand.  My hand, fingers, and wrist were swollen, stiff, and very painful. I was unable to use my right hand for anything!  I did therapy for 2 1/2 - 3 months with no relief.   The severity of the pain forced me to try acupuncture,(new to me).  I visited Evergreen Acupuncture on 8033 Corporate Center Dr #400.  Dr. Kevin Kim listened to my concerns, he explained to me what has happened to my hand and with confidence, he reassured me that he could help me.  It was remarkable!! After his treatments, my fingers were responding to movement with less pain and more easiness.  I was so happy and hopeful to know that my hand is going back to a normal state.  Nothing like good results!  I am grateful for Dr. Kevin Kim's professionalism, knowledge, patience, concern, friendly personality, and willingness to relief me from the nightmare I was going through. I still have a couple of more treatments to attend.   In the future, If I have a need, without any doubt, I will go back to his practice again.  I confidently recommend his clinic and services to other!

R. W.


"Absolutely amazing! I was hesitant to try acupuncture, but after multiple friends recommended it for conception, my husband and I decided to commit. Though it normally takes 3-6 months of treatment to conceive, I was pregnant within weeks of going. Dr. Kim and his staff are fantastic. Easy to make appointments and I was able to go in early in the mornings, never having to miss any work. Though I was going for conception, Dr. Kim always worked on any other issues I was having as well (neck pain, wrist pain, etc.) and I would always leave amazed that I felt better. He is incredibly intuitive and truly has a gift from God for healing. Evergreen Acupuncture will always be a resource for myself and my family in the future. The money is worth it. I am so thankful - what a blessing!"



"I am so happy I found this Dr. Kim. I struggled with low energy and anxiety for more than 2,5 years. It was extremely hard to work and have social life. After 4 sessions of acupuncture and special herbal teas I started feeling so much better. My face looks much younger and my energy levels are steady through the day. I also sleep much better and my anxiety went away. Before that I spent thousands of dollars in hospitals and they never helped me out with anything. Going to bring my mom from Europe for a month so doctor can help with her health issues. People like Dr. Kim is truly a blessing!"


"It is both an honor and a pleasure to share my experience at Evergreen Acupuncture. Dr. Kim and his staff are consummate professionals who strive to provide the most comfortable environment possible while generating excellent clinical outcomes. Dr. Kim's capabilities and training are absolutely exemplary. I was referred to Dr.Kim by other alternative medicine practitioners for an early onset diagnosis of glaucoma. After just a few months of treatments and herbal therapy with Dr. Kim, I returned to an eye specialist for a full examination. The doctor said everything was fine and that the examination revealed no glaucoma. My pressures were back in the normal range and the eyes were clear all the way through. I was beyond happy and felt very fortunate to come across Dr. Kim. The prospect of taking very expensive prescriptions for the rest of my life was erased and the sense of relief was awesome. I just want to thank Dr. Kim for being there for people and offering such bright alternatives to so many." 


Dr. Kim,

Thank you for your prayers, the herbs, and your care.

I am feeling so much better and almost completely healed from the bronchitis.  Between you and John, I did not take the antibiotics.  It took a little longer to heal up, but I am glad I did not take the antibiotics.

You were right, the people at church that had the bronchitis and took antibiotics, got well faster, but still have the cough!


-P. G.

 The 3 day EEG Test from last weekend came back NORMAL.  I feel so blessed and at the same time humbled with the results.  This experience has had a profound impact on my life.

Besides your Protocol was doing lots. Gave my healing the best shot before the final verdict would come down.  Let’s say completely immersed myself!


"Amazing first acupuncture experience. Dr Kim is kind and very knowledgeable. He has been practicing for over 20 years. Prices are very reasonable when compared to other local acupuncture clinics. He is treating my chronic sprained ankle and after just the first treatment, my ankle feels less swollen and i have more mobility in that area. I can't wait to go back! I HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone in the area who suffers from any injury."



"I highly recommend acupuncture treatment with Dr. Kim. I've seen numerous Chiropractors and acupuncturists with no relief for my lower back and sciatica. Within a month of seeing Dr. Kim I've already seen major improvements!



"I had sleeping issues and I didn't want to do anything narcotic and sleeping medications make me drowsy in the morning so I decided to check out this natural medication and Herb place and I want up being a great idea. They prescribed me some herbs that help me sleep and now I feel great in the morning"


"I have been seeing Dr. Kim for a little over a month now due to chemical sensitivities. I have tried various other holistic approaches with slight improvement, but could never get to the root cause. The first visit, Dr. Kim told me exactly what was wrong, what was not functioning correctly, and began acupuncture treatment that day. I have improved noticeably, to the point that people are tellling me how much better I look. This is the first time in over a year that I have relief from the symptoms of chemical sensitivities. Thank you, Dr. Kim! You are amazing!"



"Dr. Kim has helped my family have more vibrant overall health with acupuncture treatments as well as herbal medicine. His herbs have really helped me as a woman dealing with the changes women go through and do so naturally. My husband is a diabetic and his energy was very low. Dr. Kim has really helped him to feel better, too."



I️ had a severe skin condition with rashes over a good portion of my body. The itching and inflammation were severe. I️ went to see Dr. Kim and within 2 weeks of receiving acupuncture, drinking Herbal Miracle Tea, taking some herbal supplements and using a special herbal cream I️ am amazed at the positive results. The cleansing diet was also beneficial. My skin has greatly improved. Dr. Kim has been so helpful and he is very caring and understanding. I️ highly recommend Dr. Kim and his services.

-T. R.

Dr. Kim helped me supercharge my recovery from a recent concussion. There was a huge difference the day after my treatment. Additionally, he has done wonders with my son's behavioral issues, and the reports from school really show it.


"After just one treatment; I woke up without my right eye hurting. Thank you!
Kindest regards,"

"I want to thank you guys so much. Without Dr. Kim's treatment, I wouldn't be better. Today, I was so thankful and happy because I was very impressed by the treatment this week. I feel so much better. Thank you."


"I wanted to let Dr. Kim know that after one session, I feel a lot better and I can move two of my toes!! I'm happy."



"I want to thank you guys so much. Without Dr. Kim's treatment, I wouldn't be better. Today, I was so thankful and happy because I was very impressed by the treatment this week. I feel so much better. Thank you."



"Dr. Kim got my mom's stomach problems under control. He is the bomb."



"Tell Dr. Kim that I think he is magical -- I'm feeling so much better."



"Hand feels much, much, better. Thank you so, so much. Whatever Dr. Kim did today, do it again next time. I am so thankful and relieved. Thank you."



"Arm feels better today, actually. Dr. Kim and I thought it might still be a bit bad today, but it actually feels better than yesterday. Thank you!"



Positive results with a sinus infection. Continuing to see him for elevated blood pressure.


"Paul is already improving! Thank you Dr. Kim."



"Mother's pills are working great."


"Surgery went very well. Feels much better. I appreciate everything that you've done for me. Thank you."



"Just passed my Kiney Stone!!!
Started early this morning. Much less pain than in past months with my bladder pain!
I am Amazed with results!!
Thank you Dr Kim!!!!

I will have stone analyzed



"I had a bad car accident 29 years ago and went for years not knowing the source of my problems. Conventional medicine treated my symptoms which never got better because they never got to the root. Dr. Kim realized my issues were coming from the 7th vertebrae in my neck. Now I have a fighting chance. I can certify the fact that conventional and non conventional medicine has no clue how to treat neck issues. If you want to know the root cause of your health issues and get the best treatment, go to Dr. Kim."   


"JG is SO happy with what Dr. Kim has done to him and his neck. He says he feels really great!! Please let Dr. Kim know he is much appreciated."


"FSH levels are now @ 28.5."


"Tell Dr. Kim I feel much better already!"



“Dr. Kim, Hello, I really enjoyed the visit today and looking forward to much success. I already feel better.”



"Dr. Kim, I wanted to thank you for all you have done to straighten my face out. You have been wonderful. I have decided to take some time off and let nature take its course. Again, thank you for all you did."



"I have been struggling and losing the battle with chronic pain and illness since 2008. I've been to multiple specialists of Western medicine in multiple states with no success. I've had 2 visits with Dr. Kim so far and finally have been given reason to hope again, I'm finally finding relief!"



"Thank you so much for the sweet E-Card for my birthday today!  I miss all of your smiling faces, and am happy to report I have been headache free for almost 2 weeks now.  I'm so grateful to Dr. Kim and the staff there for helping me through one of the toughest challenges of my life, and I will be back I promise!"



“Dr. Kim did a great job assuring my nervous daughter that he would not hurt her when applying needles to help heal her sprained finger. She was shocked to find that she felt immediate relief and is on her way to a good as new finger:) Thank you for getting us in so quickly and doing a wonderful job!”


"Thank you kindly for this very nice message. While I have not been to see Dr. Kim in a long time…..I have not forgotten him! As a matter of fact, I am regularly recommending him to people that I engage with at work or at the YMCA. I hope some of them have made appointments to see him as I tell them he will either do wonders to help them….or let them know if he cannot help them. You can tell Dr. Kim that the problems he helped me with are still under control. (He is too good for his own business!) Please know that I will call for an appointment at the first sign they are recurring. In the meantime, I send best regards to him and you….and thank you for reaching out to me."



"Thank you for your sweet message! I have been meaning to call and let Dr. Kim know that I am pregnant (Yay)! Please tell him thank you for all of his help! Have a wonderful day and new year!"


“Today, Dr Kim included treatment for my severe cold and sinus condition. Felt better immediately!”


“Positive 1st experience of acupuncture.”



“I appreciated Dr. Kim coming out to talk to me about the medicine I purchased. :-)” 


"Thank you Jessi email to us. Nhật is doing very well now, he doesn't have seizures almost a year that why we're not come see Dr. We are thankful Dr Kim and Jessi." ---N.N. 


"After many chiropractor visits, my son Carson got back pain relief with Dr Kim. My son also fractured his clavicle and had residual pain which Dr Kim also helped with. Amazing service and a very friendly office staff too!"



"My first experience with Dr. Kim was earlier this year when I encountered severe shoulder pain. After seeing my primary care physician, a chiropractor, x-rays and massage therapist I was preparing myself for shoulder surgery (and thousands of dollars in medical debt) when one of my friends suggested I give him a try. What could it hurt right. After my first session, he diagnosed me with a pinched nerve and would treat me with accupuncture, healing cream and cupping. It would take about three sessions. After the first one, I really did not see must change but I came back a couple days later and Dr. Kim was able to precisely show me where my pain was coming from and I started seeing some improvement over the next couple days. Then after the third visit, no pain whatsoever. AMAZING. I still keep a stock of his ancient recipe healing cream. I use it for everything from chest congestion and muscle aches to major headache relief. Other than a toothache I have not had to take Ibuprofen in over six months. Today, he prescribed me some herbal medicine for a crouping cough I've had for days. If it works, I'm very likely to never see my western doctor again... LOVE Dr Kim, his beautiful spirit and his wonderful staff! Feeling so very blessed..."



"I have been a patient of Dr. Kim's for almost 3 years. I was sent his direction after I was unable to find relief with my regular doctor from migraines. I had tried multiple medications and was still suffering on a weekly basis. I was also suffering from jaw pain and was looking at a $5,000 estimate for a dentist to attempt to give me relief.Dr. Kim did a great job right off the bat taking the time to explain what I could expect from acupuncture (it does not give 100% relief after a single session) and how often I would need to come. He explained that we would be using a combination of needles and suction cups for my treatment. It is very obvious that he truly cares about his patients. He keeps up with details of my life and always asks how everything is going.I started noticing a difference in the frequency of my migraines after about 4 sessions (spaced about a week apart). Over the first 6 months I went from having weekly migraine episodes to then having them only monthly. At the year mark, I was maybe experiencing them every 3-4 months. Around the 1 year mark, I started to lessen my visits to be every other week. At the year and a half mark, due to the physical stresses of my job working at an animal hospital, I started to experience Achilles tendinitis in both of my ankles. I was 2 weeks away from my wedding date and walking with an obvious limp when I came in to see him for one of my normal visits. Dr. Kim immediately offered a treatment solution (my regular GP recommended advil and ice and if that did not work I could follow up with another appointment down the road) and had me back up and walking for my wedding.As of April of this year, my visits have now included treatment for morning sickness related to my first pregnancy. Along with offering relief from my very severe symptoms, he has offered guidance and advice for certain foods that I can eat to combat other common pregnancy symptoms.To rate the pain of acupuncture, it would be more painful to get snapped with a rubber band than having a needle placed. Some locations do hurt more than others, but never anything that has made me feel like the needle needs to be removed immediately. If anything, the suction cups give you more discomfort, but they provide so much more relief that they are 100% the slight discomfort.I have never gone to another acupuncture clinic, but with the positive experience I have had with Dr. Kim, I have never had the need."



"I told Dr. Kim about the Little Free Library that I have been painting.  I just finished it (except it still needs the weather proof coating on it).  I painted
a mural of a teddy bear reading a book on both sides of the library.  I then trimmed the library with blue and white paint.

I thought you would like to see it.  This library will replace the original one that my son Tony made (along with the wood and stone bench, paver pathway, and paver patio) that he did for his Eagle Project which is located at the school bus stop.  The original library was beautiful, but with all the storms that we have had over the past year and a half, it has been damaged beyond repair.

Thank you for taking such good care of me and making me well enough to do some of the things I really enjoy doing"

My husband has severe neuropathy and pain, and tried several medicines that didn't work. Acupuncture has given him the greatest pain relief he's had in years. Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable and comes from three generations of acupuncturists. His office atmosphere is amazing. Highly recommend him. It's expensive but way better than being addicted to pain pills!

-Dr. J.R.


“The help he has given us is awesome he has helped my terminally ill daughter to be able to have quality of life back without drugs. My hernia without surgery. & my husband s back. He is able to continue working full time as if he were 40 instead of 72”

-Cruz Family 

Thank you Dr. Kim! I did not have to manually have my baby turned. You were able to treat me and turned my baby from breech with one treatment!


Dr. Kim always wonderful. New offerings and office décor very attractive


Dr Kim has helped me more in a few months than any western medicine Dr has been able to in years. I highly recommend Evergreen Acupuncture.


I love Dr. Kim and value him as my healthcare provider! He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. My body/health has benefited greatly from becoming his patient! Also love his staff as they are warm, kind and understanding.


My deep gratitude, Dr. Kim, for your gentle encouragement. Following my Monday morning acupuncture, I began warming up labor and labored at home for about six hours that night. I pushed baby 20 minutes shortly after arriving at the hospital. No induction or interventions. Just blessing.


I have received treatment from Dr. Kim for a knee injury and back pain at different times during the past few years. He is a wonderful physician because he listens to me and looks for recovery milestones as the treatment progresses. I am happy to say, I don't get to see him too often because after a course of treatments, I fully recovered in both medical instances. Dr. Kim and his staff are all excellent and very much appreciated by our family.


Thank you, I have my fingers crossed that your procedure will allow me to get back to my life by eliminating the pain in my frozen shoulder!

- D.V.

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